Life Paths

About Secret Garden

In 1991 an unexpected event led to a Near Death Experience that changed my life!


A few months later whilst recovering I went to Tunisia where I meet a Spiritual Master in the Sahara Desert who taught me to meditate after which I was shown a technique through meditation which I call Secret Garden that helps to change lives and create a better future.


It has been described as Jungian, Shamanic, Spiritual as well as other things, but it is what ever the participant needs it to be and is a tool which can be used for life.


But Secret Garden is is not what you think it will be! You wont be taken on a meandering journey smelling the roses (unless you want to!). Instead I will only show you 5 things during the meditation, everything else is found by you individually or as a group.

Amazingly I have found over the years that everyone will find the same things in their garden over time - which shows that we really are all connected!


Since 1992 I have taught Secret Garden to thousands of people across the UK and Europe.

Available as introductory, day, evening, monthly and practitioner courses.

Of those three people took the practitioners 3 year course. They still use Secret Garden which has evolved in its own way within their own practice.

Courses happen when the time is right...perhaps its now :)